Photograph by Paul Dymond
Photograph by Paul Dymond

About Me

My name is Adam Rehn and I’m a software developer, research student, and passionate advocate of Open Source Software.

At a broad level, my research is focused on languages, tools, and middleware - creating the technologies that empower developers and researchers to do amazing things. I am particularly interested in static code analysis, and novel tools that aid in computer science education. Specific details of my past and current research, and a link to the list of my publications, can be found on the Research page.

I have development experience in numerous programming languages and for multiple platforms, ranging from traditional server and desktop platforms to mobile and embedded systems. I have extensive experience with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and use all three operating systems on a regular basis. Although I do my best to remain as platform-agnostic as possible for practical reasons, Linux and its open source nature hold prime position in my heart.

I believe strongly in the virtues of open source, and strive to espouse the philosophy of open source in my own work. Source code is available for all of the software on this site, under various open source licenses. For a list of some of the open source software that I use and recommend, see this article.

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