Scheduled Backup Launcher

Electron-powered group-based launcher tool with scheduling support.



Tags: Backup, Electron, Javascript, GUI

Scheduled Backup Launcher is a tool designed to help manage a backup workflow built around groups of highly granular backup tasks. Unlike typical automated backup workflows, the workflow provided by this tool allows the user to optionally review the items that will executed, enabling or disabling them for that run only. This provides an extra level of control for users who want a central interface from which to launch potentially large numbers of granular backup tasks, either on demand or via an automated job.

The ability to execute arbitrary commands also makes this tool surprisingly useful for a number of non-backup related use cases where a central group-based command launcher proves to be a valuable workflow tool.


Installation and use

The latest version of Scheduled Backup Launcher can be downloaded from the releases page.

When you run the program for the first time, you will be presented with the configuration window. From here, you can define the commands used to invoke external backup tools, and edit the list of backup rounds. Each backup round has a button to open another window, which will let you edit the list of backup items in that round.

On subsequent runs of the program, you will be presented with the main window, which displays the list of backup rounds. Selecting one will open a window with the list of backup items for that round. After a default delay of 60 seconds (which can be incremented), those backup items whose checkboxes are ticked will be run.

Building from source

The build process requires the following tools in the system PATH:

To build, simply run:

iojs build.js

To build the Windows installer, you will need the 64-bit version of NSIS in the system PATH. So long as makensis is detected in the PATH, the installer will be built automatically.


Scheduled Backup Launcher is licensed under the MIT License. See the file LICENSE for details.

Binary distributions of Scheduled Backup Launcher include Electron. Electron is licensed under the MIT License.

The web font Open Sans is included in both the source and binary distributions of Scheduled Backup Launcher. Open Sans is licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0.

Background artwork is Copyright © 2012 Emma Rehn, and is used with permission.

Icon designed by Sayuri Nagata.