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Binary File Compiler

Utility to create C-code byte arrays from binary files, for embedding in executables.

Tags: C++, CLI, Programming

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Binary File Splicer Utility

Utility to splice subsets of multiple input files together into a single output file.

Tags: Binary Manipulation, C++, CLI

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Buildbot Instance Manager

GUI control panel for managing local buildbot buildmasters and buildslaves.

Tags: Buildbot, C++, Continuous Integration, GUI

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CSV File Concatenator Utility

Utility to concatenate a series of CSV files, using the header row of the first file.

Tags: CSV, C++, CLI

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Command Vectoriser Utility

Utility to apply a specified command to a set of input files, either in serial or parallel.

Tags: Parallel, C++, CLI

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Encrypted File Container

Simple single-file encryption utilities.

Tags: C++, CLI, Encryption

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LyX to DOCX Conversion Script

Script to convert LyX files to DOCX format using tex4ht and pandoc.

Tags: CLI, LaTeX, LyX, Python

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MIDI+DLS to RMID Combiner

Utility to combine MIDI and DLS data into an RMID container.

Tags: Audio, Binary Manipulation, C++, CLI, MIDI

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Scheduled Backup Launcher

Electron-powered group-based launcher tool with scheduling support.

Tags: Backup, Electron, Javascript, GUI

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Static Library Merging Tool

Utility to merge one or more static libraries into a single output static library.

Tags: Binary Manipulation, C++, CLI, Programming

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iCalendar HTML Sync

iCalendar HTML report synchronisation using Dropbox.

Tags: C++, CLI, Calendar

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