Command Vectoriser Utility

Utility to apply a specified command to a set of input files, either in serial or parallel.



Tags: Parallel, C++, CLI

Note: once compiled, there are two binaries for this tool - the standard vectorise, and vectorise-omp, which uses OpenMP to perform processing in parallel. Aside from performing processing in serial and parallel, respectively, there are no other differences between the behaviour of the two versions.

vectorise is a utility that invokes a supplied command once for each specified input file. This is useful when invoking a program that does not natively support processing multiple input files.

Usage Syntax:


The following backreference-style tokens are supported in the command string, and are expanded for the current input file each time the command is invoked:

Token Value
$0 The full file path
$1 The filename
$2 The full file path with the file extension removed
$3 The filename with the file extension removed
$4 The file extension
$5 The directory component of the full file path

If $0 is not included in the command, the filename will be appended at the end.