Deployment List: Base System

Posted 23rd December 2014

The list of software I install when deploying a new system installation.

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Important note: this information is intended primarily for my own use when performing unattended installations of new computers or virtual machines. However, as I use the software listed here on a regular basis, it also serves as a list of software recommendations for users with requirements similar to mine.


General productivity & workflow

File synchronisation




Audio, Image, and Video manipulation & playback

File management tools

Document preparation

Package list for Chocolatey under Windows

7zip ack Atom audacity curl dependencywalker dropbox ffmpeg filezilla Firefox google-chrome-x64 Graphviz handbrake icofx2 imagemagick InkScape jabref libreoffice mediainfo notepadplusplus obs-mp PDFCreator putty python python2 R.Project synergy sysinternals TeraCopy TortoiseGit thunderbird universal-extractor vlc Wget windirstat winmerge winscp xpdf-utils

Registry modifications:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



@="cmd.exe /s /k pushd \"%V\""



@="cmd.exe /s /k pushd \"%V\""


@="Open command window here as Administrator"

@="cmd.exe /s /k pushd \"%V\""


@="Open command window here as Administrator"

@="cmd.exe /s /k pushd \"%V\""


@="Open Command Window here as Administrator"

@="cmd.exe /s /k pushd \"%V\""

Software requiring manual installation:

Notes: - There is a MinGW Chocolatey package, but it does not appear to install MSYS. The package also installs MinGW-w64 under 64-bit systems instead of the original 32-bit version of the toolchain that I typically use. - There is a P4Merge Chocolatey package, but it has not yet been approved by a moderator. - There is an XAMPP Chocolatey package, but the installer encountered errors whenever I attempted to install it. - Upon last testing, the IcoFX package reported a successful install, but IcoFX did not appear to be located anywhere on the system. - The shell integration of several programs, including MediaInfo and WinMerge, does not appear to be enabled automatically, and must be manually enabled from within the respective programs. - The bin directories of several programs, including ImageMagick and R, are not automatically added to the system PATH enviroment variable, and must be added manually. - The last tested version of the Paint.NET installer is not silent. The installer window will open, and require user interaction before Chocolatey can continue installing further packages, prompting for a reboot. Additionally, if the required version of the .NET Framework is not already present, the .NET installer window will also open during installation.

Package list for MacPorts under Mac OS X

ack buildbot buildbot-slave ffmpeg FileZilla gimp gimp-app graphviz graphviz-gui ImageMagick inkscape inkscape-app LyX md5sha1sum mediainfo python34 R synergy VLC wget xpdf-tools

Software requiring manual installation:

Package list for Aptitude under Debian/Ubuntu

ack-grep audacity buildbot buildbot-slave build-essential chromium-browser curl ffmpeg filezilla firefox g++ gimp git graphviz imagemagick handbrake-gtk inkscape jabref kdirstat kompare lamp-server^ libreoffice lyx mediainfo mediainfo-gui nautilus-open-terminal obs-studio p7zip-full perl poppler-utils python python3 r-base rsync synergy texlive-full thunderbird vlc


Software requiring manual installation: