Deployment List: Optional Extras

Posted 23rd December 2014

A list of optional software that I install only when needed.

Tags: Deployment List

Important note: this information is intended primarily for my own use when performing unattended installations of new computers or virtual machines. However, as I use the software listed here on a semi-regular basis, it also serves as a list of software recommendations for users with requirements similar to mine.



DRM removal tools

Package list for Chocolatey under Windows

dosbox nodejs qt-creator-x64 virtualbox VirtualBox.ExtensionPack wireshark

Package list for MacPorts under Mac OS X

dosbox nodejs qt5-creator-mac qt5-mac virtualbox virtualbox-extension-pack wireshark xmp

Package list for Aptitude under Debian/Ubuntu

desmume dosbox emscripten qtcreator nodejs virtualbox wireshark xmp