A showcase of projects that demonstrate the skills listed in my Curriculum Vitae.


These projects have been developed either as a component of my own academic publications or in my capacity as a research assistant at James Cook University. See the documentation of each individual project for details on any related publications.

Charcoal Morphotypes

This system utilises convolutional neural networks and computer vision algorithms to automate the identification and morphology classification of charcoal particles within microscope imagery, contributing to the acceleration of labour-intensive particle analysis workflows.

Language Toolbox

Language Toolbox is a multi-language source code processing and analysis engine designed to power research projects and teaching tools. It provides core functionality for analysing the structure and execution of code, upon which user-facing tools can build higher-level features.


ClimateQuery is a tool for querying weather data obtained from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. The tool allows researchers to extract data for specific weather stations and time periods, and then run queries to produce summarised data that is suitable for further statistical analysis.


Taxonomist is a simple graphical tool to facilitate the workflow of manually categorising images into classes so that they can be used as training data for image classification algorithms. It is primarily intended for use by artificial intelligence and computer vision researchers.

Unreal Engine 4

These projects demonstrate my in-depth experience with the internals and build system of Unreal Engine 4, with a particular focus on automation for DevOps and data science. In addition, the ue4-docker project demonstrates my experience in using Docker to build and manage both Windows containers and Linux containers. The development of many of these projects was guided by the goals of the Unreal Engine For Research initiative. For additional details on these projects, see my accompanying series of articles.


Command-line interface for Unreal Engine 4


Conan-based package management workflow for Unreal Engine 4


Windows and Linux Docker containers for Unreal Engine 4


Container images for running packaged Unreal Engine projects via NVIDIA Docker


Conan recipes for UE4-compatible builds of popular libraries


UE4 Continuous Integration helper functionality


Demonstrates integrating OpenCV with UE4 using conan-ue4cli


Demonstrates a UE4-powered gRPC microservice using ue4-docker and conan-ue4cli


In-Engine Audio and Video Capture Plugin


Miscellaneous utilities for Unreal Engine 4 development


These projects are primarily command-line tools or libraries which demonstrate my experience with a variety of languages and technologies.


Library and command-line tool to merge GeoTiff files using GDAL


Run script files inside Docker containers using Unix shebang lines


Convert LyX / LaTeX documents to DOCX with optional transforms

Game Jam Games

These projects are a series of short games developed for “game jam” events such as Ludum Dare and Global Game Jam. The games demonstrate my experience developing in both Unity3D and Unreal Engine 4. These projects have all been collaborative efforts with developers from 2Bit Studios.

Top Ninja

Global Game Jam 2018 - Theme: "Transmission"

Ant Detective

Ludum Dare 38 Jam - Theme: "A Small World"


Global Game Jam 2017 - Theme: "Waves"

John Wizard

Ludum Dare 35 Jam - Theme: "Shapeshift"

The Right Tool For The Job

Ludum Dare 32 Jam - Theme: "Unconventional Weapon"